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Creber Christmas Vol 2 - FINAL COVER.jpg

A Creber Christmas Vol. 2

Michelle, Monique & Michael Creber

Creber Christmas Vol. 2 (Let There Be Peace) is an inspiring and hopeful collection of holiday classics and original songs. Michelle, Monique & Michael Creber plus special guests are featured with beautiful vocals, lush harmonies and rich orchestral arrangements. (With vocal performances by Black Gryph0n (Gabriel Brown), Natalie Sharp, Andrea Libman, Rebecca Shoichet, Vincent Tong and Shannon Chan-Kent.)​​

  1. Let This Christmas

  2. Merry Christmas Darling

  3. Imagine

  4. Blizzard

  5. One For All (Holiday Remix)

  6. This Christmas Night

  7. Someday At Christmas

  8. Huron Carol

  9. Grown-Up Christmas List (Remix)

Click HERE for links to streaming, downloads and CDs.

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