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Les Filles du Roi

Michael just finished a week of rehearsals with Corey Payette, work-shopping Corey's new musical Les Filles du Roi. Written in English, French, and Kanien'kéha (Mohawk), the story begins in the summer of 1665, when a young Mohawk girl, Kateri, and her brother, Jean-Baptiste, feel their lives disrupted as young "fille du roi" Marie-Jeanne Lespérance arrives at the French settlement of Ville-Marie. Recruited by the French government to help increase the population of New France, Marie-Jeanne soon discovers that her dreams of adventure have implications beyond her personal journey. 

Chesapeake Shores

Michael did a recording session, playing piano for lead singer and actor performances on the Hallmark Channel series, Chesapeake Shores.

Once Upon A Time: The Musical Episode

Michael worked on the ABC hit series Once Upon A Time as a music coach for singers and actors in a musical episode where the residents of Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest alike are singing. Behind-the-scenes video of the episode available here.  

Michael & Monique are Musical Directors for Little Women  Production 

musical life in this heartwarming family show. Little Women, which follows the adventures of Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy as they grow to adulthood in 1860s New England, is funny, sad, joyful and ultimately full of wisdom and heart. 

As warm and comfortable as a cozy hearth fire on a cold night!

Showtimes and tickets here!

Michael and Monique Creber are the musical directors of the upcoming Kay Meek and Bring On Tomorrow presentation of Little Women, which premiers on December 27, 2017. Michael will also be playing the piano and conducting the orchestra, while Monique will be playing the role of "Marmee". Meanwhile their daughter, Michelle, will star as the lead role of "Jo".

Louisa May Alcott's beloved tale of the four March sisters is brought to vivid

Michael Creber in A Family Sinfonia Christmas

Michael Creber will be performing in Lions Gate Sinfonia's annual Christmas concert on December 16th at 7:30 PM.

A Family Sinfonia Christmas features popular Sing-Alongs and fun musical works, both sacred and secular with highlights from Handel’s magnificent Messiah. There will always be plenty of fun songs and sweet music for kids and the entire family!

Click here for more info!

Michael Creber Performing in Universal Gospel Choir's PEACE ON EARTH

PEACE ON EARTH, the choir's annual Yule concert, will be bigger and better than ever with musical selections that will take audiences on an emotional journey. Audiences can expect energizing and invigorating arrangements, pieces that touch the heartstrings, some surprising pop songs mixed in, and of course all wrapped up in feet stomping soul.

Begins December 9th at 3 PM.

Click here for tickets and more info!

Michael Creber on Piano in TAKE DOWN THESE WALLS

The exuberant City Soul Choir and Brian Tate invite you to TAKE DOWN THESE WALLS, two evening concerts featuring songs of solidarity, inclusiveness and joy. In these troubled times, we need to rekindle our collective flame!

Click here for showtimes and more info!

Michael Creber performing with Island Soul Choir in "Make Us Free"

A new song by Brian Tate, Make Us Free, is the inspiration for our upcoming performance. With all the strife and heartache in today’s world, we need songs like this one that urge us to “shake off the chains that bind us, break down the walls that divide us, bring out the love inside us, and make us free.”

You will be treated to our usual blend of gospel, spiritual, pop, civil rights, African and Afro-Cuban songs, and for the first time, we will be performing a First Nations song written by multi-award winning composer Sandy Scofield, a Métis from the Saulteaux and Cree Nations. We were especially appreciative that Sandy took time out of her busy schedule to come to the island to teach us her song as well as some of the traditions of First Nations music. The performance begins at 3 PM on Sunday, November 26th.

Click here for tickets and more info!

JaZZ chez Zed with Michael Creber & Rene Worst

This house concert featuring Michael on keys, melodica and vocals and Rene on string and electric basses promises to be an eclectic mix of jazz , re-imagined pop songs and originals. Zarina always provides a very special and intimate setting for an incredible evening!!

The concert begins Saturday, November 25th at 7 PM, with tickets at $30. Some subsidized seats available against organizational help but advance notice required. It will be held at E Vancouver, address to follow a week before concert. To reserve seats, reply to

Sign up for Michael's Piano Seminar and Workshop!

A wonderful class to teach you elements of Blues, Pop styles and a taste of Jazz in this fun filled workshop. Work with one of the most sought after, versatile and creative Canadian pianists of our time, who simply loves to teach! Meet some kindred spirits and feel the joy and excitement of learning together! 

This three-hour workshop begins at 12:00 PM on November 5th. Click here for registration info and more details!

Keith Bennett & Michael Creber in Concert 

Michael Creber is one of the West Coast’s most sought-after musicians, both onstage and in the recording studio. He pursues a wide-ranging career as a keyboardist, composer and producer, embracing many areas of popular music including jazz, Latin, R&B, rock, pop, musical theatre, country and folk. His distinctive luxurious sound is found in the CD’s of his collaborative recordings, musicals and tours.

Keith Bennett is a veteran musician who performs and teaches worldwide. Best known for his mastery of the harmonica, he is also an accomplished guitarist and singer. His melodious harmonica playing has been featured with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and on over 200 CDs & soundtracks for film and television. Keith performs with Michael Creber, renowned Vancouver jazz pianist, in this enjoyable evening of Blues and Jazz.

Click here for tickets and more info!

2017 International Interfaith Gospel Music Conference

Michael Creber will accompany multiple choirs during the International Interfaith Gospel Music Conference from Thursday, April 27th to Saturday, April 29th. The conference is being held at the Oakland Convention Center in Oakland, California.

Click here for more info!

Online Lessons Available!
November 2016

Receive coaching and consulting from Michael Creber! Coaching and consulting sessions are one hour long. Once you have purchased a session, please email and provide the following information:

  • Your name, age & location

  • What kind of lesson, coaching or consulting you want / goals for the session

  • Any previous experience or training (all levels welcome from beginner to pro)

OR, if you need advice on which teacher would be best-suited to help you achieve your goals, please send an email to ask for guidance before you purchase a session. (Be sure to include the information above.) 

For more information on the experience of each teacher, click HERE.

If a one hour session does not suit you, please contact us at to request a different length.

Monique and Michael Start New Choir in West Vancouver
October 2016
Click here for more details and registration.
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